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Australian Curriculum
By the end of 2020, all school in Queensland are required to fully compliant with the implementation of the Australian. This means that your child will be taught and assessed using the Australian Curriculum across all learning areas. Kuranda District State College is on track with implementing all Learning Areas of the Australian Curriculum and will be 12 months ahead of schedule with full compliance being reached at the start of 2020.
If you are interested in exploring the learning that your child will engage with during their schooling at Kuranda District State College, please visit the Australian Curriculum website:


Parent Support materials for Reading/Early Literacy
Parents play an integral role in the education of their children. Much of what children learn takes place through everyday experiences at home.
Children’s literacy and numeracy development can be improved when parents encourage learning through everyday activities. Modelling literacy and numeracy behaviours helps children recognise the value of these skills.
It can look like:
ü    children watching and listening to parents read
ü    children reading and talking about stories with parents
ü    discussing ideas in books and magazines together
ü    encouraging children to think and ask questions
There are three stages that you can work through when reading with your child.
Stage 1 – Before Reading
ü    allowing your child to select a book
ü    introduction the book through discussion
Stage 2 – During Reading
ü  your chld attempting to read the book independently
ü  asking questions about what is happening in the book
Stage 3 – After Reading
ü  discussing the book and interpreting meaning


Literacy is about communication; it is the ability to read and write, and to use written information appropriately in a range of contexts. This involves:
ü    reading and writing
ü    speaking and listening
ü    viewing and critical thinking.
Literacy also includes a person’s cultural knowledge, which enables them to recognise and use language that is appropriate to different social situations.
Children benefit when given opportunities to develop their literacy skills.
This looks like
ü    talking to others
ü    reading a book
ü    listening to a story
ü    writing a story
ü    reading a sign
ü    viewing a website
ü    playing a computer game
ü    watching a movie
ü    talking about a television program