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Students with a disability

Inclusion at Kuranda District State College
A system-wide approach - At our college your child will have their needs assessed and adjusted based on evidence. Our programs and practices remove barriers and promote inclusive education across the college.
Committed leaders - All Leaders and staff at our college, at all levels are committed to and are accountable for implementing inclusive education. They promote a culture of shared values that removes barriers and supports inclusion for your child.
Whole of school - At our college your child will be supported by an extensive and diverse team incorporating every member of the school community, including teachers, support staff, volunteers and other agencies, families and students. They will work collaboratively to ensure your child can access and participate in all aspects of school life. Where curriculum needs to be adjusted for your child’s age, skills and knowledge, the school will complete the necessary assessments to ascertain an accurate point of need to develop a response to your child’s diverse learning need.
Collaboration with students, families and the community - Your child will have access to an extensive range of educators and paramedical staff to meet all their learning needs. At our college we work with your child, you, and other organisations, including teachers and professional associations, to ensure everyone has a voice and is heard. All views are considered in decision making at all levels about your child’s holistic education.
Respecting and valuing diversity – Your child and family are made to feel welcomed, respected, included and safe at our college. We embrace visible diversity as a strength and support respectful relationships within the whole college community. When your child requires strategies and plans to support their inclusion, we address the different barriers and access all necessary resources to ensure your child’s successful inclusion in all aspects of their education.
Confident, skilled and capable workforce - Our college leaders, teachers, support staff and volunteers are continuous learners themselves, building on their expertise to implement the highest quality inclusive education practices based on evidence.  College staff receive continuous professional learning and are supported to meet your child’s every individual need.
Accessible learning environments – Our college’s educational settings and classrooms are designed to enable your child to access and fully participate in all learning. We ensure that your child can access and participate in all school activities and events.
Effective transitions - The transition from early childhood and care settings to school and from school to work, training and higher education are significant milestones in your child’s life. At our college we continue to work in partnership with you and your child, community organisations, professional groups, and other government and educational organisations to plan and support the successful transition of your child at all levels in their education.
Monitoring and evaluation – Your child will receive ongoing monitoring of academic achievement and access programs.  You will receive feedback, at a minimum, every term. We will ensure your child’s journey continues to be built on good practice and records continuous growth.